About Me

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The story so far.....

 I have been on a journey of self-discovery as far as my career is concerned. I attended college initially with an interest in social care which then became an interest in social sciences. Psychology became the focus of my pursuits and so I decided to do my undergraduate degree in psychology at Stirling University.

Studying psychology peaked my interest in mental health and so whilst studying psychology at Stirling University I volunteered with organisations that could build a picture of some of the many areas of life a persons mental health could suffer. These were in areas such as becoming traumatised by a crime, having a debilitating illness and also having any kind of mental health diagnosis and the implications to someones life when faced with any of these issues. And so I volunteered with The Scottish Huntington's Association befriending project, Victim Support Scotland and Action In Mind, a mental health drop in facility in Stirling. Throughout my volunteering career I discovered how I could help and this was through talking to people and most importantly, listening.

This instigated my focus towards becoming a therapist as I felt that talking was the best cure for every person I encountered in my volunteering career, no matter what the challenges were they faced.  I went on to do the Postgraduate Certificate in Counselling Skills at Strathclyde University for one year which led to studying on the doctorate in counselling psychology at Glasgow Caledonian University. I left after one year, obtaining a Masters in Psychological Counselling. Whilst at GCU I had placements in a high school in Glasgow with Place2Be who I went on to work for as a school project manager for 2 years in Ayrshire and within a higher education facility in Glasgow where I went on to teach HNC counselling.

I am now enjoying my career in private practice, working from my office in Airdrie town centre, providing my professional services to anyone who requires therapy. I am a person centred therapist which means that I am not here to tell you what to do but rather we work to find a way through your issues which puts you in the drivers seat and in control of your life and your future.


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Have a look at my other pages to find out more about counselling and psychotherapy and what services I offer and I look forward to hearing from you when you are ready.